CORE has over 20 years of experience in advanced process control and has realized the process potential for many different types of industries all around the world. Below you find a selection of our business cases.

Protein Products is using a dry rendering process to convert the fish waste from the US farmed catfish industry into high quality feed ingredients for the pet, aquaculture, and feed industries. Here, President of Protein Products, Jeff Gay, talks about their experience with the CORE technology.

3D Corporate Solutions provides quality pet food ingredients and exceptional supply chain solutions to trusted pet food manufacturers. They are committed to excellence in the proteins, fats, and oils they produce. Here, Division Manager Dan Price, 3D Corporate Solutions, talks about their experience with the CORE technology.


CORE Solutions: 3D Corporate Solutions, USA


CORE Solutions: Protein Products, USA


CORE Solutions: Simmons Animal Nutrition, USA


CORE Solutions: Advanced Proteins, UK


CORE Solutions: College Protein, Ireland


CORE Solutions: Moy Park Dungannon, Northern Ireland


CORE Solutions: OFK, Germany


CORE Solutions: Cominbel, Belgium


CORE Solutions: Progra, Belgium


CORE Solutions: Fish Processing, Denmark


CORE Solutions: Rendering Plant, USA


CORE Solutions: Rendering Plant, France