CORE’s Adaptive Process Controllers are implemented in order to fully realize the process potential, i.e. to achieve the optimal performance of the available equipment.

The advanced controllers are easily implemented and commissioned without disturbing production. Unlike traditional model-based controllers that need to be “trained” by a large amount of data before commissioning, the CORE controllers don’t need any pre-training and therefore they are not dependent on ‘representative’ pre-data.

The controllers from CORE are purpose-designed and adapt quickly on-line to the process conditions when commissioned. Variations are reduced and performance is improving. Within a short period of time, the optimization process provides the wanted consistency and realizes the potential savings and benefits.

CORE provides qualified estimates for anticipated return on investment potential. Areas of improvement are more consistent quality, higher throughput, improved yields, avoidance of machine stops or product overflows and lower energy consumption.  CORE not only brings savings and benefits to our customers; CORE also saves our environment thousands of tons of CO2 every year.  For every new installation, the CO2 emission reduced by another 500 – 1500 ton.

In order to cope with process changes arising from installation of new equipment or introduction of better production methods, CORE offers an optimization service package that regularly ensures that the production processes not only are kept at the optimal level first established, but also are improved to an even better performance when possible.

Every change improving the production processes opens up for a potential for new savings and benefits. CORE optimization package focuses on realizing this potential through regular performance analysis and related optimization actions.

Download our leaflet about CORE projects here

Download our leaflet about CORE optimization service here

"Not only are the controllers saving us tons of money, the tight knit collaboration between CORE and Simmons operations has been like having an extra employee, CORE truly becomes part of the team and understands our process.”

William Hada,
Simmons Ingredients, MO, USA