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There is a rapidly growing focus on high efficiency and sustainability. In processing industries, where the incoming raw material varies significantly, the challenges can be significant. CORE realizes the process potential.

The quality of the final product, the throughput and yield and also the production costs not only depend on the quality of the raw material but to a large extent also on how the production processes are controlled.

The variations in the product quality can be significantly smaller than the variations in your raw material but it requires a good process control system. The control system must handle the various flows of material and the supply of energy in a way that takes their interrelationship and the varying process conditions into account and provide the optimal efficiency and performance.

When controlling processes with several interrelationships, standard PID controllers fail. They cannot handle complex interrelationships nor variations in process conditions. More advanced controllers are needed to get the results and the efficiency required.



                  Example of the first quarterly results after implementing the CORE technology at Protein Products, MS, USA.  

CORE´s Advanced Process Control technology is based on an on-line adaptive control method that continually takes interrelationships and process history into account. The adaptive controller predicts process variations and delivers reliable adjustments accordingly. As the process conditions are changed, the controller adapts to these changes, ensuring that the process is running optimally at any time.

The adaptive technology reduces variations significantly, typically by 30 – 70 %. As a consequence, the product quality, the capacity and yield, and the energy efficiency is optimized, bottle necks are minimized, and a higher level of stability and consistency is achieved.

The advanced process control offered by CORE realizes the process potential and provide substantial savings and benefits within a short payback period.

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"We are encouraged by the results we are seeing due to the CORE system. I got nothing but positive feedback from our operators, they all love it. The system has made the operation easier with better results.”

Jeff Gay,
Protein Products, MS, USA